perjantai 8. lokakuuta 2010

4.10.2010 Lisbon

Hello Lisbon! I woke just next to a kinder garden and football field somewhere near Lisbon. Sooner we found out that we were actually not in Lisbon but somewhere bit rougher neighbourhood next to Lisbon. The venue reminded me a bit like normal Finnish School hall where we use to have all spring and Christmas festive. The stage was very decent sized and everything looked nice otherwise as well.

The football field did the trick for us today and soon as we have had some breakfast we took our Frisbee and football and went to chill under the Portuguese sun. It felt really good to run a bit and break a nice sweat. This was first time I did something physical on this tour except for the actual shows of course. Four hours passed in no time and soon it was our time to do the sound check. Nothing special there, everything went smoothly as usual.

The promoter took us out to very nice restaurant nearby where we had some veal, rice, salad and chips. Very good food indeed and we had also Portuguese special dessert, sweet rice, which was excellent! The show was again very good and we enjoyed playing in Portugal! Thank you Lisbon, we’ll be back!


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Sérgio kirjoitti...

Excellent show in Lisbon guys, fuckin' epic!
Too bad that after the concert you were around for only a couple of minutes by the merch stand, so I didn't have the opportunity to chat after coming back from the toilet.

The merch guy had a not-so-good encounter with a portuguese drunk (who broke the DT roll-up banner). That is also a small part of portuguese culture. Sorry about that anyway.

We'll be waiting for your next visit, so don't forget about us in the other tip of Europe.
Take care, enjoy the road!

Miguel Duarte kirjoitti...

Thank you for coming to Portugal, I had been waiting ever since I first heard your stuff back in 2004.

I think you guys know how important it is for us fans to have those few minutes of your attention back at the merch stand. Being able to talk to people we admire is something that we never forget.

I actually had to leave after your show (I missed DT!) but I don't really mind because I was there to see you guys. Thank you for the great show and thank you for the signed ticket :) I also bought a kickass Insomnium t-shirt, fuck yeah \m/

Sandra/Solitude kirjoitti...

Kiitos kaikesta pojat!
Keikka oli mahtavaa :) \m/ Tulkaa takaisin pian ;)
Well, it was really great to meet you after the show in Lisbon, it was my third time seeing you live, after Nummirock and Tuska. Had a short meeting at SummerBreeze when your signing session time was over but kiitos taas to Ville Friman for taking my autographs book to the backstage and came with it signed by the whole band, with a sydän drawn on it :)
Iso Hali Portugalista!

Vic kirjoitti...
Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.
Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Vau, sporttimiehiä! Tätä onkin odotettu... Pelkäsin jo, että vedätte ittenne ihan piippuun ylettömällä dokaamisella, ettekä jaksa vetää loppukuun keikkoja enää täysillä. Näemmä pelkoni oli turha! Lisää urheilua ja ulkoilmaa, vähemmän juhlintaa ja nettiä! Terv juha mieto