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10.10.2010 Bologna

10/10/10 was the day we hit the streets of Bologna. We all woke up rather early and went to the backstage just to find out that it smelled like poo, had flies all around and didn't have any kind of sound isolation. So it was better to spend the free time out off the venue. We googled the location of the venue in relation to the city centre and found out that we were basically in the middle of nowhere. Regardless of that we went outside for a walk just to get some fresh air and to get your mind out of touring. The venue was located at some desolate wasteland and had piles of garbage here and there and abandoned buildings. Actually it was quite fascinating in a way to walk through it. After a while we found ourselves on the berm of rc race track. It was good fun to watch it for a while and we were amazed by the speed these tiny cars had. It seems that italians take motor racing very seriously in all levels from formula one to rc cars.

Food was really amazing in this venue. Maybe the pasta bolognaise I have ever eaten in my whole life. The roasted veal was also really good. Easily the best dinner on this tour so far. There were four old italians who made the dinner and they were really jolly fellows. Laughing all the time and just enjoying life.

We have played a few gigs in Italy so far and were not sure really what to except from the crowd. With fear in our minds we hit the stage. After the first notes we knew it would one hell of a night! Really great audience and we also played rather well. I think it has something to do with the fact that there were not much partying going on last night. Grazie Bologna!

Markus / Insomnium

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