torstai 30. syyskuuta 2010

26.9.2010 Cologne

New day and a new venue. i usually sleep the longest from our bunch so I'm always last on the venue. Entering the club and finding a backstage area can be bit of a challenge, since usually all doors are locked and Dark Tranquillity is already doing their soundcheck. This happened also in Cologne where I ended up circling the building and calling people on their cells to get inside. We had some time to kill so we headed to down town Cologne to do some sightseeing. The most fitted ones of us climbed all the way to the top of the Cologne Cathedral, that used to be the world's tallest building back in the 19th century. Although the weather was kind a crappy the scenery was just mind blowing! Naturally when we started decending from the tower it stopped the rain and the sun came out. Well at least we didn't get all wet on the way back to the venue like the other guys who didn't come to the tower.

The show was good and the crowd was great! After the show we got to meet some nice people from Century Media. Eventually the evening turned into a usual metal party since the bus call was untill the next morning. Overall the day was one of nicest days on this tour so far.


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