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24.9.2010 Leipzig

Good morning Leipzig! Unlike many others, I didn’t party last night but went to bed early instead. Therefore I woke up early, actually I was the first person up. We had one hour break at a shopping mall parking lot. I went to wander about a bit and found some nice sushi for breakfast. Then some extra batteries for the wirelesses and some power cables to be able to use my laptop in my bunk. Due to all power cables the bus aisle is looking like a web of an LSD-spider. Or a trap to trip down some drunken hippies on their way to their bunks. And the trap works, I can tell you.

We arrived at the venue early. Familiar place, we were here last time in December with Swallow the Sun. Then it was minus seventeen degrees in centigrade, now it was +20. Pleasant. I had a second breakfast with the others like a good hobbit does. We had the whole afternoon off, so we decided to kill time and do some sports. We went for a hike in the nearby parks with Niilo and Urski. On the way back we saw a canoe-rental place by the river, and that naturally dictated the rest of the afternoon. We all are into outdoor life, so canoeing suit us well. We rented a decent old-school Indian canoe and paddled down the river for a good hour. We found a clear-watered side branch and explored it for a mile or so.

After the Indian experience it was time to do what we came here to do. We did our sound check and rehearsed few songs. DT tour staff is all very professional, and we get along really well. It feels almost unnatural to walk into a served table every night. We have been the roadies on every previous tour, but now it’s different. Can’t complain!

We were not very satisfied in our performance on the opening night, so we spent the hours before the gig just preparing and rehearsing. That paid off, the rust was gone when we hit the stage. The crowd was really good, and we weren’t that bad either. We poured all the energy we had in us to that fifty minute set we had and left the stage happy and confident. We’re back with the vengeance!

Vengeance was served hot as hell, but beer was served cold. So was vodka and Jägermeister for that matter. DT played a killer show, and everybody was celebrating. We loaded out somehow during the nocturnal hours and then had our first buss party. The rest is history. Leipzig, good night and thank you!

Quote of the day:
“Pitäiskö tätä drinkkiä vähän sekoittaa? No vitut, meneehän se sekaisin päässäkin” -Anonymous bass hero

-Ville Vänni

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