keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2009

15.12.2009 Tuesday

We arrived to Bratislava around 11:30 am and had three hours to do some sightseeing on the city center. This was really good choice for a change because we hadn’t seen people for a while and got actually chance to buy some Christmas presents. It was nice sunny day even though it was pretty cold. We found our way to the city center rather easily. While most of the bunch hit some XXX shop, Aleksi and I headed to the old town. After short walk we decided to go and have a pizza in some nice looking restaurant and naturally, some nice morning beers. I was just about to call to the other guys when I saw rest of the bunch walk pass the restaurant. Next thing I saw these idiots waving to us from the entrance. One idiot will always find another! After some nice pizza and bad humor we decided to head back to the bus. Of course we did not buy any presents again. When we got to the bus we saw police writing ticket for our driver from faulty bus parking. It’s just so much easier to take the ticket because you seldom can found any parking space for a bus anywhere near the big city centers. After a while we were in Randal club and loaded in our stuff immediately. The place was bit awkward, the FOH was really bad and the backstage was about two square meters big. Great success. Also, we had one local band opening which means us bit more hassle during the first changeover. We managed to pass the time somehow shows and had pretty good chicken dinner for a change ;) The audience was really good for all of us and I decided to try to taste some alcohol after being sick and sober for over week. Man I tell you it tasted fine! We had good traditional metal party evening and everyone passed one by one happily from this night’s endeavors!

Idiots gather to listen holy word...

"Hyvää joulua Kaitsulle toivoo Haitsu!!

Raivio is so Gothic!

Ville Friman/INSOMNIUM

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Looks like a sweet town.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA x a billion to last pic & comment, that was just perfect. Gee, what could he be crying about now?!