keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2009

14.12.2009 Monday

I started to feel already a lot better when we arrived to the gig place (ARENA). It was already dark and the temperature had gone down to several degrees. In other words, it started to really feel like winter! We entered first to separate building to eat something before the load in. Luckily we had internet connection and time was also spent by checking news, e-mails and updating Facebook statuses. One peculiar thing with this room was that there were no radiators but the room was heated with one huge stove. Once and a while one gansta rapper looking guy entered and added some more wood. Of course the smell reminded us from Finnish sauna and thi guys heating the room in this place was bit absurd. But hey, it worked out and we had nice warm room to heat our wretched bones. It also seemed that the everlasting partying had took its toll. In other words “Simba on ainakin ihan miinuksella”.

After some food we loaded in our gear and checked the venue in the other side of the property. Good-looking place. Maybe a bit punk but that’s nothing new on this tour, hah hah… After setting the gear we just spent time telling bad jokes etc. Before opening the doors we decided to go and set up our FX and guitars on rack. Unfortunately, my guitar was not to be found. After checking the trailer and going the place upside down few times I realized that it must have been forgotten somewhere to Italy. I was so pissed off that I could have strangled someone. While I was lying in my bunk in fever and enjoying my pneumonia other guys had carried my stuff to the venue and forgot them partly there. Of course this is very human. The conditions after the shows are sometimes really bad. There is not enough light and you are in hurry because some fucking disco will start in five minutes. But still, I was so mad…I managed to loan Harris guitar (OG) and managed to pull the gig somehow. It was horrible because I really can’t play with V-style guitar. At all. Audience was great though. After the show I was so angry that I couldn’t speak to anyone. I just packed my stuff and got out the room. It was just so shame that I could not deliver my best because I did not have proper equipment. You could think that there is not that big difference between guitars but when you play about 100 shows with the same axe and with certain string set it’s really hard to adjust to some other guitars especially in live situation.

After few hours I started to cool down a bit and was able to took it like a man instead of a whining asshole. In the end, what can you do, this is exactly how life goes sometimes. Luckily there is not that many gigs left and hopefully I will get my guitar back someday. Yet, I strongly felt that this day was not really a party day either…

Scenery from my bunk on our first stop of the day 10:00 am

Scenery from my bunk on our second stop of the day 13:00 am

Wien Arena Backstage

The stove

Hangover combined to flu = awesomeness!

Ville Friman/INSOMNIUM

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ym kirjoitti...

"Once and a while one gansta rapper looking guy entered and added some more wood."

That sounds pretty bizarre and very humorous.

Dude so sorry about your guitar... that sucks man, not the custom... well if it makes you feel any better/more hopeful, Janne from Moonsorrow had his custom axe stolen and it was returned to him about two weeks later. kirjoitti...